So what is BassMusique.com?

BassMusique.com was setup by Pavvel, a DJ & Producer from the UK. The purpose of the site was to offer a website for producers, artists, DJ’s and music lovers with articles, tutorials, news and a place to chat and discuss what we all love. Music.

Do I have to register to use BassMusique.com

Yes and No. Registration is optional, but registering takes just a couple of minutes and when you do it makes it easier to use a lot of features of the site. By registering you can secure your own username and use this throughout the site. You must hover be registered to use the chatroom. We may also lock down some other features of the site in the future such as certain download to members only.

Can I sponsor, advertise or have my product reviewed?

Yes absolutely! If you would like to talk about having your brand advertised on the BassMusique.com or on our other social channels please get in touch. If you are a developer or have content such as sample packs you would like reviewed we would love to hear from you use. Please visit this page to find out more.