Join Our Team

At BassMusique we are always looking to expand our team and get more creative, knowledgeable people on board to help provide content and support to the website.

There are two main areas I am looking at. Individuals to provide tutorials, write articles,  join our YouTube channel and help with other aspects of the project going forward.  I am also looking for companies, software developers, hardware developers, sample bank companies to either offer affiliation, products to review and/or sponsorship/ad revenue for the project.

What we we are looking for:

–  Producers, artists and sound designers who want to promote and/or sell there digital products.
–  Great content writers to supply articles and/or videos.
–  Help with the promotion of the BassMusique brand.
–  Help with the progression of the website and digital brand.
–  Moderators to help with the day to day running of the website.

The benefits of helping with the website for article writers and content creators are, every article we post of yours we will link to your channel/website/social media, this will be a way of helping to promote you.  The more involved you are, the more promotion we will also give you.  We are setting up a dedicated ‘team’ page for the best content creators and supporters we get and this will highlight all your work and websites and will constantly feature on the website.

If you think you can help with any of the above or anything else please contact us.

Developers & companies
If you are a Software/Hardware developer and would like to help support BassMusique you can do in the following ways.

–  Supply Software/Hardware supply for review.  (Videos and articles on the site)
–  Offer affiliation program or links.  We will write about and feature your products in return for affiliation.
–  Sponsorship.  We will feature your product or advertisement on the site with click through links to help raise awareness of your company and products.

The benefits for a company are we can help cover your new product on our website, social media channels and youtube, raising a buzz and awareness about your new product(s).  Affiliation provides a chance for us to help create new sales and get your products reviewed.

Sponsorship lets you get deeply involved with the BassMusique brand and shows your support for us.  In return we highlight you and your company.

We already have a number of affiliates supporting us and would love you to join too.  So please contact us if you would like to get involved.